Garden in an open space with tall trees and large rhododendrons all around. A small water pond in which the surroundings are reflected. Sunlight penetrating through the branches of the trees, giving shade on the grass. Realistic photo, peaceful and cheerful atmosphere

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(face in frame:1.2), highly detailed 40 year old caucasian John Doe, (dark grey plain fishing t-shirt, patterned long sleeves:1.3), (jeans:1.3), (sunglesses:1.3 : cap:1.3), (Miami streets backgrounds:1.2 : sunny day:1.2), (perfect eyes:1.2), (perfect face:1.2), (perfect hands:1.2), (perfect fingers:1.2), (perfect legs:1.2), (toned physique:1.2), high quality RAW photograph, hyper detailed, hyper realistic, Hasselblad 35mm lens, f/4, ISO 400, medium full shot, character centered in frame, masculine…
Sherlock Holmes and Watson chasing Jack the Ripper on the Whitechapel streets, 1888…

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